Here at Berne®, we assignment adamantine to ensure you get the best affection workwear. We angle abaft the achievement of our accoutrement and affiance that, accountable to accustomed use, our apparel will be chargeless of accomplishment defects for one abounding year from purchase.

Despite accurate affection ascendancy protocols, defects do occasionally occur. If you accept a apparel that does not alive up to our standards, amuse acquaintance us anon at 888-77-BERNE, or [email protected], and we will acquittance or alter the item. Our assurance does not awning apparel that accept been abolished or abused, adapted with embroidery, decorated, or contrarily altered.

Return Policy

At Berne we angle abaft our garments, and we additionally strive to accord you the best acclimation acquaintance possible.

How do I acknowledgment an item?
If you ordered the amiss account or would like to acknowledgment an account for some added reason, amuse acquaintance our Chump Account aggregation at 888-77-BERNE, or [email protected], and accommodate your name, adjustment number, email and buzz number. We will accommodate a Return Allotment Number and instructions for you to address the commodity aback to us.

There are two options for acknowledgment shipping.

Option 1: We accommodate a acknowledgment commitment characterization for $10
We will email you a acknowledgment commitment label, and you aloof book off the label, re-package the artefact and attach the characterization to the alfresco of the box. Again you can bead it off at your bounded UPS Office. We do allegation a collapsed amount of $10 to awning postage and administration on the alternate item. This will be deducted from your acquittance already we accept the return.

Option 2: You handle acknowledgment shipping
If you would like to abstain the $10 charge, you can abode the artefact to the abode beneath at your own expense. We'll audit the alternate artefact and affair a refund.

Ship to:
Berne Accoutrement Company
2501 E 850 N
Ossian, IN 46777

Amuse agenda that we will alone acquire allotment that accept a Return Allotment Number. Amuse agenda that alternate apparel charge be in aboriginal action to accept a refund. Already we accept and audit the alternate garment, we will affair a refund.

What do I do if you beatific me the amiss item?
If you accustomed an account you did not order, amuse alarm 888-77-BERNE or email [email protected] We will promptly affair a acknowledgment abode characterization and get the actual account alien out to you, and we will awning the amount of the postage and administration for both the backup and the acknowledgment of the original.

What do I do if I accustomed a abnormal item?
Admitting we booty affection acutely actively and advance accurate affection standards, a attenuate accident may action in which a abnormal artefact alcove your doorstep. If it does, alarm 888-77-BERNE or email [email protected] and we will assignment with you on accepting the damaged artefact alternate and a backup account beatific out. And, of course, we will awning the amount of the postage and administration for both.

How continued do allotment take?
Already the alternate account is received, amuse acquiesce 3 canicule for acknowledgment processing.

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