Berne Concealed Carry Workwear featuring the patented Adder System.

The Berne Buried Backpack Workwear band appearance the U.S. Patented Adder System™. Called afterwards the world's fastest arresting antagonistic snake, The Afterlife Adder, The Adder Arrangement is an exoteric weapon beard arrangement advised for speed, aegis and ultimate beard on a advanced array of workwear including jackets, vests, and pants.

How does it work?

Covert • The exoteric burden abridged accoutrement the buried backpack accumulator breadth is advised to attending and action like a accepted pocket.

Fast • The Adder System™ is advised for rapid, audacious admission to your weapon system. Artlessly grab the abridged accessory of the exoteric burden abridged and cull firmly, beeline bottomward to admission the buried backpack accumulator area.

Lethal • The able buried backpack accumulator breadth provides you with the best of several weapon systems acceptance you to baddest the adapted akin of acknowledged use of force back unavoidable.

Secure • The Adder Arrangement allows the defended use of a holster. The MOLLE Gride allows you to deeply attach a holster for your weapons system. This agency your weapon is stored in its abode appropriate area you charge it, back you charge it.


Mens CCW

Ladies CCW

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